Thomas Gordon EPIC fallout continues in the L.A. Times

Jennifer Delson, of the L.A. Times, wrote today about the Santa Ana commissioner resignations in the wake of the removal of Thomas Gordon from the EPIC/Gang Commission. Here are a few excerpts from her article:

Two days after a Santa Ana commissioner was removed from his post, two other city commissioners who had been criticized for comments on an Internet blog are resigning. Art Pedroza and Luis Rodriguez, both members of the Housing and Redevelopment Commission, gave notice Wednesday. The other commissioner, Thomas Gordon, was removed by the City Council on Monday.

Councilman Sal Tinajero, who pushed for Gordon’s removal, said the resignations of Pedroza and Rodriguez were “not a smart move. They would be better to serve the community.”

Tinajero said he tells appointees to commissions: “I don’t mind you criticizing staff. We need to question why we are conducting business the way we are.”

But Pedroza said it appeared that there was no room for dissent in the city government and saw no reason to continue serving on the redevelopment commission.

Councilman David Benavides disagreed: “I think we are trying to make our government more open, and having commissioners is one way that we can get different voices in our government. Someone who steps down is giving up that opportunity.”

“They saw that they were just rubber stamps because our government’s censoring these people at every level,” Councilwoman Michele Martinez said.

You have to laugh at Benavides’ comments about the Santa Ana City Council trying to make our government more open. Who is he kidding? Martinez tried to do just that on Monday night when she presented an agenda item that would have compelled the City Council to televise all of their Council meetings and make them available online in a searchable archive. But Benavides and company refused to second the motion, allowing it to die.

The truth is that the Santa Ana City Council, with the exception of Martinez, wants to shut the residents out of City Hall. It is ridiculous for Benavides to try to spin otherwise.

As for Tinajero’s comments about serving the community, what does he know about that? We all know now that Sal is for Sal. He doesn’t give a damn about anyone else. But he is right about one thing. Removing Thomas from the EPIC/Gang Commission was not a smart move. I bet Tinajero wishes now that he could take it back. Sorry Sal! You’re finished in Santa Ana.

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