The OJ3 is no more

What a day. It looks like the OJ3 is no more. Thomas Gordon got thrown off the EPIC/Gang Commission. I then quit the Santa Ana Housing & Redevelopment Commission. Then Sean Mill came back from vacation with a vengeance!

Our friends at the O.C. Weekly noticed, as Gustavo Arellano wrote the following on their Navel Gazing Blog:

The great telenovela that is the Orange Juice! blog (the Weekly’s Best Blog for 2007) continues. A week after the SanTana city council booted Juicer Thomas Gordon from a gang commission, and colleagues Art Pedroza and Luis Rodriguez resigned in protest, longtime SanTana activist Sean Mill returned today from a Mexico vacation to blast the blog that gives him a home–namely, Orange Juice. In fairness, Mill was merely reacting to Pedroza’s earlier post wondering out loud if he should boot Mill since councilman Sal Tinajero (whom Mill supports) was the man behind Gordon’s ouster. The comments are already flying between Mill, Pedroza, Gordon, and others (how long before Godwin’s Law of Nazi Analogies takes effect?) and even drew in poor ol’ Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the proprietor of OC Blog.

Hey, Juicers: love the back-and-forth for purely schaudenfreude reasons, but please don’t let your blog disintegrate into the petty bickering that nearly ruined this paper. Eyes on the prize, amigos: the toppling of el caudillo Pudillo.

Don’t worry Gustavo! We won’t take our eye off the ball. And no, I won’t be dismissing Sean from this blog. His stories are amongst our most popular posts. And Sean has done a good job uncovering all kinds of graft and corruption in Santa Ana.

But Sean is also a confidante of a guy I have come to abhor – Sal Tinajero. Therefore we won’t be restoring Sean’s administrative powers. Unfortunately, the blog software we use allows bloggers with full administrative powers to delete this blog. As loyal as Sean is to Sal, I would not put it past Sal to ask him to destroy our blog. I cannot allow that to happen, under any circumstances.

The reason Sean is so loyal to Sal, is that Sal put him on the Santa Ana Planning Commission. I realized very quickly this year that you cannot affect much change as a commissioner. However, this blog has been leading the revolution in Santa Ana for some time now. True power comes from our keyboards, not from city commissions.

It is obvious that Sal and his fellow Council members are not interested in advancing good government. Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has compromised them all, except for Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

I continue to respect and admire Martinez because she continues to advance ideas that are all about good, open government. Is she perfect? No. But who is? She at least can say she has opposed Pulido and his cabal on more than one occasion. Sal cannot say that. At all.

Sean also made the allegation that we are deleting posts in order to make Martinez look good. To be honest, we have deleted a lot of posts that have nothing to do with the stories they are posted on. Someone keeps trying to post that Michele is a drug dealer. It is interesting that those anon posts stopped when Sean went on vacation. We will keep deleting them. They add nothing to the Orange Juice mix.

As for Sal, he has a lot of criticism coming his way. And he deserves it. He is a sell-out. He worships power, not change. If Sean wants to promote him, he is welcome to do so. But our readers can see through that B.S. quite well. Sal has no friends left in Santa Ana, except for Sean.

We will keep on fanning the flames of revolution in Santa Ana. And we will keep on shining a bright light on bad politicians all over Orange County. That’s what we do best here at the Orange Juice.

I can only hope that Sean will eventually wake up and realize that he is backing the wrong Council Member. Martinez is the only one who stands for the people. Sal is for Sal, and that will never, ever change.

One last note, many people have been asking Sean where he stands regarding Measure D. How about it Sean? Do you support Measure D? Why are you afraid to say where you stand? Our readers deserve to know where you stand. Please don’t keep them in the dark!

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