Santa Ana’s Renaissance Plan is an outrage!

Noted conservative columnist Steven Greenhut, of the O.C. Register, blasted the Santa Ana Renaissance Plan in an editorial in today’s paper. Welcome to the revolution Mr. Greenhut!

Here are a few excerpts from Greenhut’s column:

Where’s the outrage, I keep wondering, over the city of Santa Ana’s latest plan to remake the city’s core area based on a cookie-cutter urban-renewal idea? Why aren’t more Santa Ana citizens mad as hell over this carefully orchestrated city plan to drive out long-running industrial businesses that offer good-paying jobs and replace them, and existing family neighborhoods, with high-rise condos and apartments? Why aren’t Santa Ana residents up in arms at an effort to gentrify the downtown, in a fairly obvious effort to replace the city’s Mexican-themed atmosphere with something more in keeping with a yuppie clientele?

Where the heck is the outrage?

Well, I found some of it at a Dec. 5 meeting at state Sen. Lou Correa’s district office on North Broadway in Santa Ana, where 43 people, mostly business owners and community activists, plotted strategy to address what the city calls the Renaissance Plan (another meeting is scheduled Friday). Despite banal assurances offered by city officials who claim the plan won’t force them out, those attending Sen. Correa’s meeting understand that the project

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