Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez wants to televise ALL the City Council meetings!

It’s on now! Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez has called Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s bluff by placing an 85 a item on the agenda for next Monday’s City Council meeting that will force the City administration to film ALL the City Council meetings, televise them on the local cable public access channel, and make them available online on a searchable archive.

I can just see Pulido whining about the cost of doing all this. Well, the neighboring cities of Garden Grove and Costa Mesa somehow can afford to keep THEIR constituents informed. Why can’t Santa Ana? Didn’t Pulido blow one and a half million dollars repainting the city’s water tank? You know, the one that the city doesn’t even need! They covered up their old “Education First” logo with their new “Orange County’s Downtown” logo.

Probably good timing as Pulido’s friend Rob Richardson, the president of the local school district, is about to preside over a state takeover of many of the Santa Ana schools, according to press reports.

At any rate, my guess is that Pulido and company will oppose this measure – which will not go down well with local voters. They will remember this when Pulido and his hacks start pimping for the bogus Measure D in February, which will extend the City Council’s term limits by four more years.

Kudos to Councilwoman Martinez for putting her constituents first – again! Let’s see if ANY of her colleagues have the guts to break from Pulido and do the right thing. For once.

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