Santa Ana Council to meet tomorrow outside Council Chambers again

The Santa Ana City Council refuses to put ALL their Council meetings on TV. They also refuse to put archived video footage of their meetings online. Tomorrow they are meeting outside of Council Chambers, again, at Kidworks, a non-profit in Benavide’s ward. How many people will know this in advance? Why does the Council keep hiding from us?

This time the Council is meeting to discuss “hot spots.” This entire town is a “hot spot!” Their inaction and ineptitude has led us down a dark road. We have had over 75 shootings this year and at least 16 deaths due to gang violence. The Council, except for Councilwoman Michele Martinez, has been totally asleep at the wheel as the carnage unfolds.

The map to Kidworks is above. The meeting starts at 5:15 p.m. with a tour of Kidworks, which is located at 1902 W. Chestnut Ave., in Santa Ana. Feel free to show up with your “No on Measure D” signs in hand.

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