Santa Ana cops in utter denial!

I had to laugh when I read that the Santa Ana police are now saying that after three shootings in our city, in the last week, there is no evidence that there is a gang war going on. Unbelievable. Here are a few excerpts from Jennifer Delson’s latest article in the L.A. Times, O.C. Edition:

Santa Ana officials say three shootings in the city in the last week, two of them fatal, are a coincidence, not evidence of a gang war.

“Our investigation indicates that these incidents are not related,” said Police Cpl. Jose Gonzalez. “They just happened to fall in a week.”

However, police do believe the assaults are related to gang activity.

Gonzalez said crime in the city had not increased since last year. There have been 15 gang-related homicides in Santa Ana this year, compared with 18 in 2006. Six additional homicides not related to gangs have been recorded this year. In 2006, there were seven.

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