Santa Ana City Place Christmas tree ornaments already getting ripped off

The hyperbole was flowing alongside the hot chocolate and coffee at tonight’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the City Place in Santa Ana. The entire Santa Ana City Council and Mayor Miguel Pulido showed up to listen to Don Cribb blather about how the City Place was somehow multicultural.

You would have thought that the City Place was going gangbusters, but as we wrote recently, they are having a heck of a time selling their overpriced homes. The O.C. Register reported that they have “sold 70 of the development’s 185 homes.” Not good!

But the City Council, and Cribb, were in full denial tonight. They each got up and made it sound like the City Place is going to save the city. Councilwoman Claudia “Clownia” Alvarez even mentioned the Renaissance plan! It was sickening.

It was funny however to hear Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante say that he used to ride his bike on the dirt lot that preceded the City Place. I’m sure he was patrolling for immigrants. Councilman Sal Tinajero then got up and said he grew up without a bike! Alvarez did not mention what sort of broom stick she used to fly around on.

The evening was somewhat festive, with free cookies and brownies and poinsettia plants, but then it started raining right before they turned on the lights on the Christmas tree.

There were a bunch of white carolers there from the O.C. High School for the Arts. I guess that was the diversity Cribb was talking about. None of them were Latino so that was pretty diverse in Cribb’s nutty opinion.

I also overheard that the ornaments on the City Place tree have been disappearing. Imagine that – the ornaments have been getting jacked. Who would imagine such a thing happening in Santa Ana?

I took a long hard look at the City Place the other day, with my friend the Planner. He had to agree with me – the place is seriously flawed. When you walk up Main St. to the center, you see the back of the stores! I kid you not. You see trash piled up and you see utility pipes. How stupid! You would have thought they would have had double entrances to these stores, or at least put in show windows on Main St.

They also planted trees that drop those annoying spiky balls all over the place. I guarantee that before long some old lady will slip on one of these and sue the developer!

And I feel very bad for the poor boutiques under the City Place lofts. They are TINY. And most of them are hidden from view by those annoying trees. They are a disaster in the making.

So does this development signify a new Santa Ana? I don’t think so. In fact a lot of people drove in tonight and then drove out due to a lack of parking. Pulido drove off in his hybrid car. You know, the one the AQMD lets him use for free – even though he still collects an auto stipend from the city.

I wonder if the City Place Christmas tree will have ANY ornaments left on it by Christmas Day? And when will the taggers discover all the unmarked walls in this center?

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