Santa Ana City Council will try to remove Thomas Gordon from EPIC/gang commission

It looks like someone on the Santa Ana City Council is going after our co-blogger Thomas Gordon. An item was inserted at the last minute onto the agenda for Monday’s City Council meeting calling for Gordon’s ouster from the EPIC Commission, which is what Santa Ana calls its anti-gang commission.

Gordon is the best commissioner on EPIC! Clearly that irks some of the Council Members, who rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend Santa Ana does not have a gang problem.

I am glad this meeting will be televised. We all need to see if any of the Council Members will come to Gordon’s defense.

This does come as a surprise. You would have figured they would be coming after me, not Gordon.

UPDATE!-Call City Hall at (714) 647-5200 and tell them to stop playing politics and start doing the right thing. After a failed attempt to remove myself,Sean Mill and Thomas Gordon less than two months ago, the elected have chosen to go after Thomas Gordon alone. Why? Were backroom deals made? Were illegal phone calls made in violation of the Brown Act? Two people were killed in gang violence within 24 hours last week, and the only response coming out of Sal Tinajero and City Hall is to remove a Gang Commissioner.Call City Hall now at (714) 647-5200 and tell them to stop with the funny business and start doing the peoples business.

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