Sal Tinajero has declared war on us – is it time to bid adieu to Sean Mill?

I have confirmed that Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero is the one who is trying to remove Thomas Gordon from the EPIC/Gang Commission. Apparently Sal did not ask ANY of Thomas’ fellow commissioners how they feel about working with him. Most called Thomas today and expressed their support for him.

It is interesting that Sal made this move when his right hand, Sean Mill, left town for a vacation in Mexico. Mill has maintained that Sal has our back – but now we know he doesn’t.

I ran into Sal yesterday at the City Place Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. He asked why I ranked him so low the other day. Well Sal, now you know. You cannot be trusted. You consistently do the wrong thing. Let’s see how you vote on Monday on the 85 a item that Councilwoman Michele Martinez put on the agenda. How will you weasel out of televising ALL the Santa Ana City Council meetings?

Maybe now that Sal has declared war on one of the “OJ3” we ought to put out our own Orange Juice agenda item? How’s this Sal:

Let it be resolved that if Sal Tinajero succeeds in removing Thomas Gordon from the EPIC/Gang Commission, the Orange Juice will remove Sean Mill from the Orange Juice blog team.

Readers – let me put this Orange Juice agenda item to you: If Sal does go through with his agenda item, should we answer by removing his pal Sean from our blog team?

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