Quick update. Mission Viejo’s community sign.

Having received feedback from both current Mission Viejo Mayor Gail Reavis and Vice Mayor John Paul Ledesma let me add a few comments on the decision to replace our manual message board with the electronic sign which I reported on earlier. For starters it is appropriate to go on record saying that both John Paul and Gail voted against wasting $147,000 taxpayer dollars for this unnecessary sign that may result in vehicular accidents as drivers passing or turning at this major intersection attempt to read the sign as it changes rather than the prior fixed messages.

Those responsible for this waste, each of whom claim to be fiscal conservatives, are Frank Ury, Lance Mac Lean and Trish Kelley. Sorry folks. Although I helped each of them get elected I must admit that I was a poor judge of their future ambitions and spending habits of OPM.

The city staff lied to the Register reporter regarding the sign’s condition as I covered in my post as well as comments which were added by local citizens. Sadly it has been torn down. Therefore the evidence is no longer there for you to see and decide it’s condition for yourselves. What the reporter failed to include were any comments on the sign across the street which lists all of our service groups such as the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs. That should have been part of gathering information for a complete report. Both signs were installed at the same time yet no member of our staff or council has commented on what will become of that board. Stay tuned.

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