Only 2 weeks to Christmas, ladies, gift idea for the man in your life

As we approach the Christmas holiday I think most men do not leave “wish lists” on the refrigerator. So let me help out. Although I reported on this showroom before they do change inventory on a regular basis. The good news is that it will not cost you an admission fee to look around as you ponder any purchase or simply admire their current product. Larry, what are you talking about. A trip down memory lane where you can admire or purchase a wide selection of classic cars and hot rods.

For example I just took a friend to the Lake Forest Automotive Group Garage in Lake Forest where we were able to roam around without any salesman pressure to admire cars that sell for under $10,000 to a $280,000 V12 “Tramonto” by Fisker. Under the hood this 700 H.P./700 pound torque machine is really a Mercedes Benz. This is not the car you will typically see as you drive down El Toro Road in Lake Forest or Main Street in Santa Ana.

Another fun car they are displaying is a mid engine 2005 Ford GT with a sticker price of $165,500. As a former owner/driver of super sport (and B gas) cars in sanctioned drag races I found several hot rods mixed in with many other cars made for show, rather than go. They even have a 1959 three wheel Trident that is not for sale but for you to admire as you roam around.

Choices, choices. How about their 1937 Cord Beverly 812 listed at $149,860,or their1937 Packard. These were some of my dream cars when I was a kid. While you can surely attend regional auto shows or new car showrooms I doubt they are displaying a rare 1939 Buick Phaeton convertible or 1955 Vette. You name it they have them be it Ford’s, Chevy’s, Rolls and other major brands. Yes, they do have some pick up’s including a 1928 Ford in Black and Green that you will not see driving around town.

Rather than list every car let me suggest that you take a family outing to this showroom that is open seven days a week. Whether or not you bring your credit card or check books I know the owners will gladly permit you to meander around and dream.

Lake Forest Auto Group’s showroom is located at 23222 Lake Center Drive in Lake Forest just east of interstate 5 between the El Toro and Lake Forest exits. They are across the street from the Black Angus restaurant.
Their web site is:

And no. Larry Gilbert is not being compensated in any way for sharing this information.
While there are several other similar showrooms of cars that we have visited this one happens to be in my own back yard. We plan to bring our out of town family there over the holidays and suggest you consider the same.

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