Mark Bucher rebuts Schroeder’s spin regarding O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen

Mark Bucher, one of the few decent Republicans left on the O.C. GOP Central Committee, wrote an interesting post today over at Red Count/O.C. Blog, regarding the disaster that is Michael Schroeder. The post is a short one, but it deserves a close look:

Schroeder’s dishonest denial

It is well known in political circles that Trung Nguyen, Mike Schroeder, and Assemblyman Van Tran began a “scorched earth campaign” against Janet Nguyen after she won her race against Trung Nguyen for Supervisor. This campaign is being waged despite the fact that all three are Republicans who should place holding this seat above their disappointment that Trung lost.

One aspect of the scorched earth campaign was for Trung and Schroeder, both lawyers, to dirty Janet up with accusations of criminal activity, while also running up her legal bills and draining her coffers for a rematch next year. I think this is wrong, and I stated so in an article written for Red County earlier this month, and in a series of emails between Schroeder and myself.

In today’s Orange County Register, Schroeder denies that he is engaging in such tactics against Janet. Well, he is. We all know it. And his willingness to publicly deny the obvious really undercuts his credibility as a spokesman for Sheriff Carona and others.

As an aside – Schroeder criticizes Steve Greenhut for saying that Schroeder filed lawsuits and complaints against Janet, and claims that he has filed “only” one lawsuit, an appeal, and two complaints. (As if that much legal activity in 8 months against one person is OK!) Schroeder is correct that there is only one lawsuit, but there have been two appeals (the April 11 “emergency” appeal that was denied and the current appeal), three FPPC complaints and a complaint with the attorney general.

And here are two of the more interesting responses to Bucher’s post:

Keep up the good work Mark Bucher. Tell it like it is.

And for all those posting that are sure that there are honorable reasons that the Van Tran/Trung/Shroeder camp continue to attack Janet Nguyen….you might want to take a reality check.

Has Shroeder or Trung followed up on Van Tran’s wife, who was charged with some type of medical billing fraud or scam?

I know of other political races where the scorched earth policy was used by this group as well against fellow republicans because the Viet contingent wanted election wins.

You know, while lots of people voted for both Janet and Trung, just how do you know for absolute sure that those votes thrown out were from Viet voters? There are also Anglo and Hispanic voters (and many other ethnic groups) that may have had their votes discounted because of mistakes made on ballot that did not clearly state who they wanted to vote for.

If Trung had lost by 7 votes he would have filed for a recount also. But do you think Janet would have had a scorched earth policy in trying to discredit him and take him down in 2008? I doubt it.

And when someone says: Excuse me sir, but that is not well known “in political circles” at all. That is YOUR interpretation of Team Trung’s efforts to defeat Janet. ….well then you are naive. Even people OUTSIDE political circles can perceive this…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on.

Van Tran’s machine has lost much respect in all circles because of this. It will take much in all communities to make that up. Even if one doesn’t particularly care for Janet, it is more reprehensible what the machine is doing to her than what one’s dislike of her conjures.


“People are angry about what is happening, and it is actually pushing a substantial amount of support toward Janet.”

So who are these “people” who are angry about what is happening

I for one am one of “these people.” Thanks to Schroeder’s scorched earth tactics I am not only going to vote for Janet I am giving money to her campaign.

Mark is correct on every account and people are starting to listen and FINALLY starting to stand up to Schroeder. His constant defense of the prison bound Carona is his Achilles heel and it will bring him down. Schroeder’s credibility is suffering greatly.

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