Mansoor stepping down as Costa Mesa Mayor

Has it only been three years since Costa Mesa’s Allan Mansoor became the Mayor of that city? He has announced that he is stepping down, and he wants his ally Eric Bever to replace him as Mayor.

Here is an excerpt from an O.C. Register article about Mansoor’s resignation: “Mansoor’s stature skyrocketed almost immediately after he claimed the mayor’s gavel in 2004. He encountered a mix of admiration and derision for votes to shutter the city job center, disband the Human Relations Committee and, most prominently, train local police to enforce immigration law, a move that led to placement of a federal immigration agent in the city jail.”

Mansoor’s biggest legacy as Mayor will be the establishment of Costa Mesa’s ICE program. The L.A. Times just published an article assessing that program. Here are a few excerpts:

ICE statistics show that 520 suspects in the Costa Mesa jail were referred to the agency and that 360 of those were deported. One hundred fourteen are “going through proceedings that will lead to their removal,” Hayes said. The other 46 will go before a judge after they complete their jail sentences.

Hayes said the problem is that some of these people will sneak back into the United States. Already, 12 have been rearrested, he added.

Of the Costa Mesa suspects referred to ICE, 39% were charged with felonies, he said. Among those, 51 were arrested on drug charges; 28 on suspicion of assault and battery, which includes domestic violence; 19 on felony warrants; 17 on suspicion of burglary; and 10 on suspicion of theft, Police Sgt. Mark Manley said.

Police arrested about 34% of the 520 suspects on charges of misdemeanors or infractions. Of those, 44 were suspected of driving under the influence, 32 of being drunk in public and 29 of driving without a valid license.

Individuals cited with a ticket for a minor offense may be taken to the jail when they are not carrying identification. In the jail, their immigration status is checked. Previously, those checks were spotty or occurred only after an inmate was taken to the Orange County Jail.

The illegal immigrants make up about 10% of all of those brought to the Costa Mesa jail.

The other part of Mansoor’s legacy will be his disastrous attack on Latino activist Benito Acosta. Ironically, Acosta’s case will outlast Mansoor’s term as Mayor. And I think ultimately Acosta will be found not guilty, again, and Mansoor and the City of Costa Mesa will go on to lose a ton of money when he sues them in civil court. I wonder if Mansoor stepped down so as to not have to deal with that case anymore?

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