Is Sal Tinajero the next Nativo?

Is Santa Ana Councilman Sal Tinajero the next Nativo Lopez? You may recall that Lopez was recalled from the Santa Ana School Board, when he served on that board with Tinajero.

Most political pundits thought it was impossible to recall a Latino politician in Santa Ana. But the results of the Lopez recall were stunning:

100% Precincts Reporting Votes

Yes 8,908 70.6 %
No 3,706 29.4 %

Less than a third of the voters supported Lopez.

Now Santa Ana residents are in a massive uproar since Tinajero booted Thomas Gordon from the EPIC/Gang Commission. The story has been reported in the O.C. Register and the L.A. Times. It also got picked up on and on the California League of Cities, the Liberal OC and Red County/OC Blogs.

And now there is talk that Santa Ana activists want to recall Tinajero, who just started his four year term this year. Tinajero does not appear to have any friends left in the world, with the exception of our co-blogger Sean Mill. In fact I am told that Tinajero has a half dozen appointments to make to Santa Ana City Commissions, but no one wants to be tainted by him.

So Orange Juice readers, are you ready to recall Tinajero? History shows it can be done…

It is feasible to work on defeating Measure D while also gathering signatures to recall Tinajero. Defeating Measure D will mean that Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez will be termed out next year. Then we can take out Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante in next year’s Council elections.

A year from now Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his cabal could be finished. That did not appear possible a few months ago. Now their fate appears to be set in stone.

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