First Presidential candidate to respond on Pardoning Campion and Ramos

As I blogged previously I have yet to hear one debate moderator ask any of the presidential candidates, representing either party, a rather simple question for which they would have full authority to enact.

Question. If President Bush fails to pardon border guards Campeon and Ramos would you do so immediately after taking office? Seems like an easy question to me.

The following You Tube video was sent to me by a Ron Paul supporter that I have just transcribed. Although it did not indicate any timeframe for action it is worth sharing with you the readers. And no, as of now I am not supporting any of the Republican field.

Candidate Ron Paul appeared on the Glenn Beck program on December 18th where Glenn asked the following question:

“Ramos and Campion–the border guards. If you were president of the United States–what would you do?

Congressman Paul responded: “I’m for Pardoning them. Especially now when they’ve served one year and they tacked on this–10 years of mandatory sentencing that I disagree with– and matter of fact–I have joined Bill Dellahan to recommend that as a sense of Congress Resolution. I think they should be pardoned.”

You can view and hear this exchange around the five minute mark of this clip.

While Ron Paul is not in the top rung of Republican candidates what are your thoughts regarding his response on this issue?

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