Do we need a new Chamber of Commerce in Santa Ana?

State Senator Lou Correa is hosting a meeting this Friday, at noon, at his office, at 2323 N. Broadway, to discuss the Santa Ana Renaissance Plan. Correa told me at his Holiday Open House that he opposes the Renaissance Plan. That is great – but why haven’t we heard from Mike Metzler, the Director of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce?

O.C. Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut has lambasted the Renaissance Plan because it is so unfriendly to businesses in the affected area, but why hasn’t the Director of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce stepped up to defend those businesses?

The fact is, Metzler NEVER does anything to oppose Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his crooked cronies. Metzler supported the ill-fated Ream Assessment, which we defeated. He was SILENT when Pulido and company raised our water rates this year. The cat got his tongue when Pulido and his cabal made massage businesses illegal, even though many Latino workers who have no insurance rely on massages when they throw their backs out.

And we all know now that Metzler threw a big Christmas party this year – and he hired a caterer from Costa Mesa, not from Santa Ana.

So why does Metzler still have a job?

It gets worse. I hear that Metzler has been rationalizing the fact that most of the Chamber’s big events are held OUTSIDE the city of Santa Ana by saying that his chamber wants to be a regional entity. Really? Do the members of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce know their dues are being spent this way? What about the Chambers of Commerce that already serve our surrounding communities? Perhaps they have a say?

Metzler has overstayed his welcome in Santa Ana. He is consistently out of touch with the people of Santa Ana. He never steps up to oppose the harebrained schemes of his buddy Pulido, even when they attack businesses. And Metzler employs an all-white, all-male executive team at the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce. The man clearly has no clue.

So maybe it is time for us to start a new Chamber of Commerce in Santa Ana? One that actually works hard to help and promote SANTA ANA businesses? I applied for membership in the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce weeks ago, and never did hear back from them. Maybe I need to start a competing organization?

Or maybe the board of directors at the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce needs to find a new executive director – and fire the entire so-called executive team?

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