Anaheim Council votes to install Quiet Zones, while Santa Ana’s Mayor does nothing

Anaheim’s City Council just voted to start implementing Quiet Zones in their cities, so the trains won’t wake up their constituents at night, according to the O.C. Register. The project is being funded in great part by the O.C.T.A.

What about Santa Ana? We’re still waiting. Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido voted against Quiet Zones as an O.C.T.A. member because he wants the O.C.T.A. to pay for ALL the cost to build Quiet Zones in Santa Ana. But he had previously promised the folks in the Park Santiago Neighborhood that he would put them in. What a liar.

Now Anaheim is once again trumping Santa Ana, just like every other city in Orange County does on a regular basis.

“I’ve gotten a number of folks in downtown Anaheim who are tired of hearing train whistles,” said Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle. “I just want the public to know we’re moving ahead aggressively with this issue.”

Boy that’s a great quote by Pringle! Too bad Santa Ana is saddled with a pathetic Mayor who cannot deliver. Ever.

In case you are wondering what Quiet Zones are, here is a goo description from the Register: “Safety measures include adding an extra set of gates at each intersection and 8-inch curbs 60 to 100 feet in each direction in between opposing lanes to prevent motorists from trying to beat the trains.”

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