Will Carona’s indictment bring down the Trannie Empire?

It is a well known fact that Assemblyman Van Tran relies heavily on advice from Mike Schroeder, the same guy who continues to advise fallen Sheriff Mike Carona. Tran also endorsed Carona last year. Judging from the picture above, it looks like Tran also became one of Carona’s tainted reserve deputies.

Tran and Schroeder continue to regularly attack O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen, a fellow Republican, via their avatar, Trung Nguyen.

Here is a question…will Tran’s connections to Schroeder and Carona bring down the Trannie empire? Think about it, if Tran and Trung do not back off on Janet, who is now backed by virtually the entire OC GOP machine, what is to stop that machine from running another Republican against Tran himself next year?

In fact I think that Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor, a deputy Sheriff who did not drink the Carona Kool-Aid last year, could beat Tran. Now Mansoor has his own issues, and by no means do I mean to endorse him, but the reality is that the 68th Assembly District is full of angry white Republicans. They will LOVE Mansoor.

On the flip side, the Democrats could run one of the two ladies on the Costa Mesa City Council, Linda Dixon or Katrina Foley, and give Tran a run for the money in the general election. They could also run Garden Grove School Board Member KimOahn Nguyen-Lam, and likewise give Tran a hard time in the general election.

It would be so easy for any of these candidates to send out mailer after mailer connecting Tran to Carona and Schroeder. And what a great opportunity to remind the voters that Tran’s own wife was indicted! He would very quickly be knocked off his pedestal, in my opinion.

It is high time for Tran and Trung to BACK OFF of Supervisor Nguyen. Their political fate is hanging in the balance. Indeed, they may already be done.

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