Why did the Space Commander show up at the HEEF dinner?

Sean Mill and I attended the O.C. Hispanic Education Endowment Fund (HEEF) dinner tonight, over at the Anaheim Hilton. We had a great time saluting the fine teachers and students who were honored.

Two young ladies spoke about their experiences coming out of Santa Ana High Schools and ending up at the Boalt School of Law at U.C. Berkeley. And they are both Mexican immigrants!

With that in mind, I was astounded to hear that Santa Ana Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante was there. (The Space Commander is pictures above with two anti-Mexican Republicans who inexplicably removed the U.S. flag, via Photoshop, from the background). He supposedly told Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido to force Councilman David “Benapuppet” Benavides to withdraw a resolution in support of the Dream Act, which would have given immigrant children who graduate from our high schools the opportunity to access higher education, as did the two young ladies I referenced earlier.

Why would Bustamante even show his face at the HEEF dinner? Who the heck is he kidding? We all know how he really feels about immigrant children.

On top of that, Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Thomas Holguin was there too. You might recall that Holguin pretty much tanked his political career this year when he appointed the infamous anti-Mexican Harald Martin to the AUHSD board, after one of the Trustees suddenly died. Holguin, who like Bustamante is a Republican, is said to be very anti-immigrant. Why would he show up at the HEEF dinner?

Fortunately there were many good people there too, such as State Senator Lou Correa, Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez, and former Santa Ana Councilman John Acosta. North Orange County Community College District Trustees Manny Ontiveros and Mike Matsuda were there too. There were many other decent politicians there as well. And many commissioners, such as Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Mike Munoz, Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Commissioner Tish Leon, and Santa Ana Human Relations Commissioners Valerie Amezcua, Lynette Verino and Cecilia Aguinaga.

I was amazed at how many people came up to me and Sean and wished us well. It is incredible how many Orange Juice fans are out there! We are most appreciative of the support for this blog. I know that Sean and I were thrilled to be there and we were very impressed by the young people and teachers who were honored. I was particularly pleased to see so many young Latinos and Latinas who are on the path to success and leadership. I hope they stay in Orange County when they finish school. They are tomorrow’s community and civic leaders.

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