Two bogus term limit measures will be on the ballot in Santa Ana next year

The Democrats on the Santa Ana City Council are not the only ones who have put a bogus term limits measure on the February ballot. As it turns out, their counterparts in Sacramento are also supporting an imbecilic term limits measure. And in doing so they have given Republican Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner (pictured on the left) a chance to build up his profile, for an eventual run at Governor, by leading the charge against their selfish measure.

Here is what Poizner wrote about this measure in today’s O.C. Register’s editorial section, “Put simply, Prop. 93 is a trick. It is intentionally designed to fool the people into thinking they are voting to reduce terms for state legislators when, in fact, it contains a special loophole to give 42 termed-out incumbent politicians more time in office. In fact, it will dramatically increase terms for 80 percent of California’s legislators. Prop. 93 doubles the number of years a politician can serve in the Assembly from six to 12 years and increases Senate terms by 50 percent

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