The Vegas WWF for Democrats!

Tonight was the eighth in the series of debates by the Democratic candidates for President. It becomes quite obvious that Hillary has decided to switch her VP candidate choice from Obama to Richardson. Bill Richardson was playing front man for all the issues that Hillary didn’t want to touch – and there are many! Hillary has had a tough time with Drivers Licenses for Illegals, Social Security and even the War on Terror. The pro Hillary crowd in Las Vegas was vocal, loud and in evidence. Hillary all of a sudden…now seems almost squishy! We guess all of these Dems have been watching the Republican debates for ideas. Amazing that none of them actually have an idea of their own!

So Wolf Blitzer and Campbell Brown formed tough contentious questions for most of the candidates. John Edwards, Joe Biden and Dennis Kuchinch were able to slam Hillary enough to keep her from “self aggrandizing” as much as she usually does. We didn’t see Bill…there and CNN didn’t even pan over the camera to show him mugging! What’s up with that? They usually don’t miss those opportunities! All in all….it seems fairly clear now that Hillary and her other Bill….Richardson…are going to be the Dems “dream team” in 2008. Richardson is the consummate “grand compromiser”…..he did that in the prior Clinton Administration, he did it in New Mexico and he is doing it now! Perfect support person for Hillary! Remember: “It’s harder to get a hold of a oily snake!”

In the meantime, the Republicans seem to be flaunting Mike Huckabee around the country to see if he might be the great VP for Rudy! Fred Thompson seems to have too many problems with personnel and other old issues to make a great option. McCain…is McCain….and you don’t have to say much more…other than he would not make a great VP. Mitt seems to have created the UNBOND Martini….not stirred, not shaken…not much! So, unless Ron Paul meets with a grand Yoga master and becomes “The Grasshopper”…it looks like the Democrat Fat Guy…turned Republican skinny guy – Huckabee is going to be the Republican VP! Hey, at least if Rudy wins…Bill Clinton will still have access to the Whitehouse…because of his old pal Mike Huckabee!

Finally, OJ, Barry Bonds, Duane “Dog” Chapman, Mayor Villaraigosa, Fabian Nunez, Sheriff Mike, Chriss Street and Senator Peralta ……say it ain’t so! Hey, there could be an up side……how many of the above will be losing their jobs next year? We could start a office pool….maybe!

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