"The Israeli Initiative–The Right Road to Peace" Benny Elon, Member Israeli Knesset

While we focus on next weeks full court press to resolve the conflict in the Middle East, I felt it appropriate to share an alternative proposal from Binyamin “Benny” Elon, Member of the Israeli Knesset, that makes a lot of sense. Mr. Elon is the Chairman of the Ichud Leumi (National Union) and Chairman of the Moledet Party. He also serves as Chairman of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and is a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.

He writes: “For decades Israel has sought the proper road to peace only to be disappointed time and again from the bloody result of the paths that were chosen. We were not mistaken in striving for peace, but only in the way we set out to achieve it.”

In Member Elon’s 14 page proposal, that can be read at www.Israelinitiative.com,
he covers all of the major challenges for peace and offers a new approach that we have not seen in the U.S. media. As we are about to meet with these foreign leaders, in my view, every plan that has merit should be on the table.

The title of his proposal for peace reads: “The Israeli Initiative, The Right Road to Peace.” In reading it you will find that it offers a “moral, practical, and simple formula for the long term solution of the Israeli-Arab conflict.”

Let me share text from page three. “The Alternative–The Israeli Initiative”
The Israeli Initiative is based on a totally different concept.

It proposes:
Striving for a humanitarian solution to the Palestinian problem, instead of a political one.
Basing peace on strategic cooperation with Jordan, instead of with the Palestinian Authority.
Extending Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, instead of handing over these parts of the country for a Palestinian State.

A humanitarian instead of a political solution.
The attempt to solve “the Palestinian problem” by means of a political solution, or in other words, by the establishment of a Palestinian national entity, has led to a dead end. Such a solution is not feasible, since realization of Palestinian nationalism plainly means the end of the State of Israel.
The problem of the Palestinian refugees is not a political but humanitarian one. The establishment of the State of Israel did not take away their state from the Palestinians, since such a state has never existed. However, in many cases it did take away their homes and their dignity. There is a way to give the refugees back their dignity, provide them with a home and a starting point in a new life. It is possible to replace their status as poverty-stricken refugees with a reality of welfare, prosperity and hope. Such a solution is what Palestinians themselves desire.

Peace is made with stable entities.
The choice of the leaders of Palestinian terrorism as “partners” for peace was a mistake. Peace must be made with entities that desire stability and peace, not with the leaders of terrorist organizations. The Israeli Initiative proposes strategic cooperation with Jordan and additional Arab countries seeking a solution of the Palestinian problem and an end to Islamic extremism.

Israeli sovereignty — regional stability.
The Israeli Initiative assumes that the most effective and correct way to preserve the stability of the region is to guarantee Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, and bring an end to the long-existing vagueness regarding the status of these areas. Only Israeli sovereignty from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean can prevent Shiite penetration into the heart of the western region of the Middle East and guarantee the continuation of Israeli’s existence as a Jewish State. Judea and Samaria form the geographic and historic heart of western Eretz Israel and there is no reason..moral, legal, demographic or geographic–to abandon those parts of the country that provide strategic depth and lend reserves.”

While we speculate the potential impact of Islamic extremism MK Benny Elon offers a sobering peek of this threat as found on page four.

“The Iranian threat, the rise of Al Qaeda, the strengthening of Hezbollah and the victory of Hammas in Gaza are causes of anxiety today in both the Western and Arab worlds. Dangerous Islamic extremism has become a major force in the world. Most Arab countries, which regard themselves as secular but have a significant Sunni population, are liable to collapse as dominos in the face of the Islamic offensive that will create an empire starting in the Teheran of Ahmadinejad, in Baghdad that is slipping away from the Americans and in pro-Iranian Damascus. The next step may well be total control over Amman, Beirut, Ankara, Cairo, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. The appearance of this threat is a dramatic development that changes all the rules of the game in the region. In order to guarantee the stability of the region in the presence of this threat, an alliance of countries that will halt Islamic hegemony must be set up with American and European backing. This menace dwarfs the Arab-Israeli conflict and raises the possibility of a strategic alliance between Arab countries and the Jewish State based on mutual interests and include preventing Hamas from gaining control of Judea and Samaria. Thus we see the emergence of renewed hope for peace.”

On page nine he warns us on “the danger of the Eastern Islamic front” where he reports that “Teheran’s threats and its approaching nuclear capability present a grave potential menace to Israel, and combine with the emerging chaos in Iraq and the strengthening of the pro-Iranian forces in Syria and Lebanon. In the event of accumulation of strength by the extremist axis of Iran-Iraq-Syria, the first victim will be the Jordanian regime, and the next stage will be the conversion of Israeli’s eastern border that is currently quiet, into the most dangerous front.”

Let me close with some of his opening remarks:

“The actions of Israeli governments to establish a Palestinian State in the spirit of the Oslo Agreement have not brought about peace but a whirlpool of blood: Hamas controls Gaza; Kassam rockets are fired at the residents of Sderot; Hezbollah has missiles trained on Haifa, and only the persistent activities of the IDF are preventing terrorist attacks originating in Judea and Samaria.”

Juice readers. Feel free to offer your suggestions on resolving this conflict.

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