Speaker Fabian Nunez supports those who support him (with campaign contributions)

Earlier today a colleague sent me a rather interesting web site that you might bookmark. MapLight.org tracks elected officials voting records and compares same to their campaign donors. See Speaker Fabian Nunez’s votes along with his top 10 contributors.
According to this data Mr. Nunez voted in support of 176 out of 178 bills that impact the Teachers Unions.

Fabian Nunez Democrat (Elected 2002), Assembly District 46 (Los Angeles)

Committee membership Joint Rules; Speaker
Phone 916-319-2046 Fax 916-319-2146

Top Individuals Showing contributions 2001-2004
Total Campaign Contributions Received: $2,211,513

Top 10 Interests Funding
Interest Contributions Voted with this Interest

Attorneys & law firms $216,557 78% (46 out of 59 bills)
State & local government employee unions $125,500 96% (408 out of 426 bills)
Construction unions $94,250 94% (79 out of 84 bills)

Teachers unions $69,541 99% (176 out of 178 bills)

Physicians $66,045 82% (132 out of 161 bills)

Police & fire fighters unions and associations $55,700 93% (200 out of 214 bills)

Insurance companies, general $38,075 44% (23 out of 52 bills)

Casinos, racetracks & gambling $35,000 95% (42 out of 44 bills)

Native American tribes & governing units $30,700 78% (21 out of 27 bills)

Electrical workers/IBEW $27,700 96% (22 out of 23 bills)

Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in top 10 lists.

Note: Feel free to check out your elected officials from Orange County to Congress.

I share this data as a follow up to a prior Juice blog that listed campaign contributions of a Santa Ana council member. Some of these contributions get very close to being a conflict of interest. While some argue for increased campaign contribution limits in order to get your message out to the public you must also consider the sources and whether or not your vote is for sale. I surely hope not.

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