Santa Ana schools in danger of being taken over by the state

Busted! The L.A. Times is reporting that “The California Department of Education has alerted 99 school districts, including Los Angeles Unified,” and Santa Ana Unified, “that they are in danger of being abolished, taken over or stripped of administrators and schools under their jurisdiction. But whether these and other harsh measures will come to pass is questionable at best.”

Here are a few more excerpts from the Times article:

Under the federal No Child Left Behind law, state officials have not adopted severe punishments against school districts, and they appear reluctant now.

But their authority to do so became sweeping this fall in the wake of the most recent results on state standardized tests.

For the first time, school districts that continue to fall short of academic benchmarks are exposed to severe measures, and federal law requires the state in the next few months to take some action.

The ultimate federal sanction under the No Child Left Behind law is withholding money from a state or school district, a rare tactic. The U.S. Department of Education could cite only one example: The department once penalized Texas for being late in delivering test results for schools.

Despite the lack of federal enforcement, “states are beginning to feel a little overwhelmed” at the high number of perpetually low-achieving schools and school districts, said Raymond Simon, deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Education.

Will ANY changes be coming at Santa Ana Unified? We’ll see. Part of the problem is most of the administrators don’t live in Santa Ana – so their kids don’t go to school here. They are happy to get their big fat paychecks while the district continues to tank. The Trustees are not much better. Audrey Noji sent her boy to an Irvine High School. Rob Richardson has no kids. Rosie Avila went the private school route. John Palacio and Jose Hernandez are the only ones who have put their kids through Santa Ana schools.

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