Santa Ana City Council to change ballot measure by removing mayoral term limits

In a truly unprecedented move, several members of the Santa Ana City Council have opted to change their term limits ballot measure, which was set to appear on the February, 2007 presidential primary ballot, to REMOVE mayoral term limits altogether. Unbelievable!

The changes, which are noted on the agenda for tomorrow’s Santa Ana City Council meeting, call for the creation of a “Code of Ethics and Conduct” for elected officials and members of appointed boards, commissions and committees, to “assure public confidence in the integrity of local government elected and appointed officials.”

Who are these people kidding? This move is simply astounding. I can only imagine that the Pulido hacks are panicking because their term limit measure is probably not polling very well. That is not surprising. I have said from the beginning that most voters in California do not like to mess with term limits. This measure EXTENDS council limits another four years. It accomplishes the REVERSE of term limits by adding another term to the two concurrent terms that Council Members are currently allowed to serve.

And just what in the heck is all this about a “Code of Ethics and Conduct?” Shouldn’t our elected officials be acting ethically FROM THE DAY THEY ARE ELECTED? And we are to believe that the Pulido cabal is suddenly going to stop being unethical? This is the same bunch that recently took the second City Council meeting of each month OFF THE T.V. That’s right…they moved to limit the resident’s ability to see what their elected officials are up to. And we are to believe that they have suddenly developed a desire to be ethical? Yeah right!

This entire debacle is all about giving termed out Councilwoman Claudia “Clownia” Alvarez another four years to wreak havoc on the people of Santa Ana. This is the lady who told us recently that she is in charge of stopping crime in Santa Ana. She made that truly comical claim based on the fact that she is an assistant district attorney.

Who cares? That lofty title has done NOTHING to stop crime in our city. Gang violence is out of control, as is graffiti. In fact I reported today about how graffiti is more than three times the problem that the city estimated. Criminals recently pried 14 historical plaques right off a number of buildings in our Civic Center area, mere miles from the police headquarters.
And a Council Member was even robbed in the downtown area a week or so ago while walking to a city meeting. In the words of President Bush, “You’re doing a great job Clownia!”

This entire fiasco is a BAIT & SWITCH. It is an abomination. The Council Members who are advancing this ballot horror, Vince Sarmiento, Sal Tinajero, Claudia Alvarez and Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante ought to be ashamed of themselves! And what can I say, for Pulido to arrange to get rid of even a hint of mayoral term limits is just incredible. Why doesn’t he just change his title to “dictator” and get it over with?

I am told that Council Members David Benavides and Michele Martinez are opposed to all of this. Good for them! I am pleasantly surprised that Benavides has grown a backbone at long last.

I am also told that Sarmiento has been promised, by Pulido, the Mayor’s position, if and when Pulido gets tired of playing Mayor. As I reported before, Pulido is backing Hillary Clinton for President in the hope that she will win and then appoint him to be U.S. Ambassador to Mexico. He will then use that position to advance his muffler company’s business throughout Latin America. That could all take place a year or so from now. So Sarmiento has made a deal with the devil in return for the chance to become our next dictator.

People of Santa Ana, I ask you to stand up at long last and speak out against this slap to our collective faces by the Pulido puppets on the Santa Ana City Council. Call City Hall tomorrow, at (714) 647-6900, and voice your displeasure! And try to go to the City Council Meeting. You can also email these miscreants by clicking on the links below:

And be sure to thank Councilman David Benavides and Councilwoman Michele Martinez for NOT going along with this shameless ruse by the Pulido cabal!

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