Romney story reminiscent of Dukasis "Willie Horton" fiasco

This story, from the L.A. Times, is one for the ages. “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney said Saturday that a judge he appointed while Massachusetts governor should resign because she released without bail a convicted killer now charged with murdering a young couple.”

That’s right – Romney appointed a judge who subsequently let a killer go, and he ended up killing again. But Romney is lucky the killer did not track him down while he was out of prison. “Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said that Tavares, while imprisoned in Massachusetts, had threatened to kill Romney and other state officials. The threat was made in a letter intercepted by prison officials in February 2006.”

And here is the capper – Edward P. Ryan Jr., a past president of the Massachusetts Bar Assn., said Tuttman had made the correct call based on state law “and for Romney to call for her to resign is nothing more than political expediency. If Romney had any courage, he would stand up and say this judge did the right thing.” Prosecutors “offered no facts other than to refer to his record” in arguing for Tavares to be held on bail.

This story is a complete disaster for Romney. It reminds American voters of another former Governor from Massachusetts – Michael Dukakis, who famously released a killer named Willie Horton, who went on to rape and assault someone after he was released from prison.

Of course the best reason not to support Romney, at least in California, is that he is being fronted by Mike Schroeder, the infamous adviser to disgraced O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona. How will Schroeder spin this latest disaster for his boy Romney?

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