Resolution of the immigration challenge is just around the corner

What a great idea. Why didn’t someone mention this before?

If you extrapolate the current trend the US dollar could be at parity with the Mexican peso in the next ten years. Perhaps that is why we heard of a trial balloon, or was it?, being leaked about creation of a “new” North American common currency called the “Amero.” We might see the same exchange pattern as established in Europe between the countries that switched to the “Euro.”

While the “Amero” is only a talking point for now there is no question that the U.S. dollar is falling like a rock. If it continues to nose dive against foreign currencies we might see a time when there will be a very small differential between the peso and the dollar. At that point those crossing the border may stop to reconsider the risks of entering the USA when wages in Mexico and other Latin nations look better.

Add to this the reduction in new home construction. Many of the undocumented are employed in the building industry. We may see a day when Americans in this industry will rebel as their jobs become vulnerable.

Now if we can ever address the existing costly “entitlements” this idea may actually have merit.
A word of caution. Is this a giant step to the “New World Order?”

As Art will occasionally create a fictitious post, this is one for you to have fun with.

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