Republican Assemblyman Todd Spitzer’s major contributors 2001-04

Earlier today I shared the connection between Speaker Fabian Nunez and his major campaign donors. In fairness to those from the other side of the aisle I now share the same data involving my Assemblyman, Todd Spitzer, which clearly indicates that he is not as deeply obligated as the speaker.

While the category for which Todd received the most financial support were police and firefighter unions, his support of legislation impacting those unions was only 69 percent. From the data which follows Todd voted in opposition to 73 of 239 related Bills. Speaker Nunez’s highest campaign support, as reported earlier, were teachers unions where he voted no on only 2 of 178 bills. At 99 percent, that to me is a rubber stamp. Mr. Nunez also had three other categories where his support exceeded 90 percent.

Todd Spitzer Republican (Elected 2002), Assembly District 71 (Orange County/San Diego)

Committee membership Human Services Committee; Public Safety Committee
Phone 916-319-2071 Fax 916-319-2171

Top Individuals Showing contributions 2001-2004

Total Campaign Contributions Received: $1,503,108

Top 10 Interests Funding

Interest Contributions Voted with this Interest

Attorneys & law firms $71,424 41% (40 out of 98 bills)

Police & fire fighters unions and assoc. $46,870 69% (166 out of 239 bills)

Physicians $37,049 44% (58 out of 133 bills)

Real estate developers & subdividers $30,450 29% (2 out of 7 bills)

Construction, unclassified $29,325 30% (3 out of 10 bills)

Health care services $28,503 52% (28 out of 54 bills)

Auto dealers, new & used $24,049 17% (4 out of 23 bills)

Real estate $21,300 27% (10 out of 37 bills)

Waste management $20,350 63% (20 out of 32 bills)

Insurance companies, general $19,375 28% (15 out of 54 bills)

Contributions from political parties and from other candidates are not included in top 10 lists.

What is missing from this data is that these categories only represent around 25 percent of the total campaign contributions yet are listed as the top ten groups.

I am pleased to see that based on the above Todd was no big fan of auto dealers.

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