Register praises Santa Ana development that can’t sell its houses

I studied journalism years ago, while attending Cal State University at Fullerton. Back then journalism students were told to question everything. When you read what passes for journalism over at the O.C. Register, you have to wonder if their reporters question anything anymore.

For example, take a look at their story in today’s paper about the City Place development in Santa Ana. At first glance it looks like a harmless little story about a bunch of new stores and live/work spaces across the street from the Mainplace Mall. But dig a bit deeper.

The writer, Doug Irving, writes about “a wave of mostly young and affluent professionals is moving into swank lofts.” But then he admits, a few paragraphs later, that the developer “estimated that he’s sold 70 of the development’s 185 homes.” By anyone’s math, that is less than 50%. Not good.

Apparently, the developer of City Place has a major mental malfunction, as Irving closes his article, which reads more like a press release, with, “He’s talking to the city about building a 31-story condo tower there on the site.” That’s right. The developer can’t sell the fancy housing units that are currently for sale, but he is already thinking of building another tower of expensive condos.

I have written about this previously. The Mayor of Santa Ana wants the developer to build that tower. He told him the city “needs it.” From where I am sitting, it doesn’t look like the city needed the homes at City Place, much less this ridiculous tower.

I feel bad for the businesses at City Place. They are paying top dollar. Most evenings they are empty. They banked on yuppie home owners that have not materialized. I have looked at the strange boutiques popping up in the work/live spaces. I am guessing most of them won’t be here a year or so down the road. But I wish them luck. They will need it. That and more puffy articles in the Register, which you can bet will keep coming.

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