Pulido signs on to the bogus Santa Ana term limits measure

The proponents of Measure D, the bogus term limits measure that extends the terms of Santa Ana Council Members another four years, were able to get Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido to sign their ballot statement. I believe that the other signers are Council Members Sal Tinajero, Claudia Alvarez, Carlos Bustamante and Vince Sarmiento.

Since Pulido has gambled that Measure D will win, I am glad that I mentioned mayoral term limits in the argument I wrote against the measure. We filed it today, as late as we could, so the other side would not have a sneak peek at it. Here is our argument against Measure D:

Argument against Measure D

The proponents of Measure D would have us believe that it is about term limits. Yet it EXTENDS the terms for Santa Ana City Council Members ANOTHER FOUR YEARS. And it DOES NOT include Mayoral term limits! Instead we are offered a Code of Conduct. But we already have a remedy for corrupt politicians

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