Orange Juice: Week in Review

It is time again to review last week’s hottest stories here at the Orange Juice. We greatly expanded our coverage of O.C. this week as we spoofed the OC GOP machine, while also poking at the DPOC. It turns out that quite a few local Democrats have been making the same mistakes as their Republican counterparts.

Then “Little Saigon Insider” posted yet another revealing look at the actions of the Van Tran cabal with “The Trannies Strike Again!Then we laughed at the grammatical horror that was Trung “Photoshop” Nguyen’s first supervisorial campaign mailer, which was sent to members of the OC GOP Central Committee.

We said adios again to former Anaheim Union High School District Trustee Harald Martin, as he sauntered off to stop the illegals, and we discovered that the City of Costa Mesa’s ICE program has netted mostly misdemeanors. No surprise there.

Larry Gilbert wrote about a Mission Viejo blog that has sprung back to life and Aria Ghafari told us about the “Real bigots of Orange County.

We shook our heads again as we reposted a story about Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s education town hall meeting…which he held this week at 9 a.m., when most parents and teachers are working. A source told me the meeting was attended by nothing more than men in suits. Why even call it a town hall meeting?

The OC GOP turned up in full force for the photo opportunity at Angel Stadium, as state officials blew through almost two million dollars while practicing for terrorist attacks. We wrote about that and we also wrote about a regional water forum where Solorio said, in so many words, that we don’t need more water storage, even as cities throughout the Southland begin to ration water.

And we wondered why the Democrats of Orange County appear to be so lame at working with minorities in central O.C., as they turn to one great white hope after another. Speaking of great white Democratic hopes, we also wrote about the fact that former State Senator Joe Dunn does not appear to be interested after all in running for the Santa Ana City Council – he wants a higher profile office. But we had some bad news for Dunn, as the incumbent Supervisor in the First District, Janet Nguyen, just raised $125,000 at a fundraiser this week.

Finally, we learned that there are street gangs in south O.C., as a judge approved an injunction against a gang in that area.

For those not keeping score, our non-Santa Ana coverage this week touched on these cities: Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Orange, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Westminster. Who says we only cover Santa Ana?

We did however, as usual, prove to be O.C.’s number one source for news about the Orange County Seat, Santa Ana.

We began the week with two opposing views of Santa Ana Councilman Vince Sarmiento. I asked if he is “one of O.C.’s brightest stars?” after DPOC Chairman Frank Barbaro sent out an email to that affect, while promoting a fundraiser for Sarmiento. Then Sean Mill told us that the fundraiser was a “great success.”

Luis Rodriguez told us about the Santa Ana Girls Softball League. And Sean Mill continued his groundbreaking series of posts about Ware Disposal with this post and this one.

We also reported about the Santa Ana Unified School District’s proposed budget cuts, which look more than a little fishy. We also wrote about an utter fiasco at Santa Ana College, where administrators either covered up or ignored major problems with their fire alarms and fire suppression systems.

And we scrutinized yet another ridiculous tower being proposed by Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido and his developer amigos. Needless to say, the tower will screw local residents in north Santa Ana by messing up traffic more than it already is, while also casting a huge shadow on homes in the Park Santiago neighborhood.

Be sure to check out all the other posts we put up this week. As is usually the case, we did not rest on our laurels as we put up new posts every single day of the week.

This week’s artwork is “While Rome Burns,” by marcoballistic. This original artwork was the winner of a PhotoShop art contest. The artist used the story of Rome burning while Nero fiddled to poke fun at President George W. Bush. We are using the analogy to illustrate the ineptness of the administrators at Santa Ana College, who shuffled papers for three years while they knew that the fire alarms and fire suppression systems at their campus were faulty. You can read about that story at this link.

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