OCGOP delays action on Resolution calling for Sheriff Carona to take an extended leave of absence until cleared of all charges

Considering we are three days away from Thanksgiving OCGOP Chairman Scott Baugh was surprised by the standing room only turnout for tonight’s Central Committee meeting. In addition to members and candidates for elected office there were several bloggers in attendance eager to see the outcome of a Resolution prepared by member Mike McGill, Cypress city councilman, calling for Sheriff Carona to take a leave of absence until he is cleared of all charges in the ongoing investigation.

Prior to taking a vote to suspend the Rules as requested by Mike, Chairman Baugh opened with a comment about “overzealous prosecutors” and shared his personal experience of being investigated (in 1995 by DA Mike Capizzi) and cleared of charges. He also cited Senator John Lewis and President Reagan Advisor Michael Deaver, each charged yet cleared of all charges in their cases. Note: Respectfully, Michael Deaver was convicted on three of five counts of perjury and stated he would not accept a presidential pardon.

While members of the Central Committee have made the request for the sheriff to take an extended leave of absence Chairman Baugh stated “I am not prepared to make that request tonight.” He later added that “I will not call for the sheriff’s resignation simply based on details of an indictment.” He accused former assistant sheriff Jaramillo of being an “articulate liar” facing extensive prison time and that the only way for him to get his sentence reduced is to testify against the sheriff. He added that “we are all saddened to question the integrity of our friends” and that we “cannot turn a blind eye” to the allegations. He proposed that we “take a small yet necessary step,” a leave of absence until the charges are cleared.
Mike McGill made a Motion to suspend the Rules so that the members could vote on his Resolution tonight. This Motion would serve to bypass the traditional procedure where the Resolutions Committee would review said Resolution and discuss it before the entire Central Committee.

Prior to any voting Board Member Assistant Sheriff Jack Anderson stated that he needed to recuse himself from this part of the Agenda due to his job responsibilities.

On a voice vote the Chairman stated that he did not hear enough support to exceed the mandatory 2/3rds to Suspend the Rules. Hearing a member call for a voice vote he had the voting members raise their hands and found only 18 supporting Mike McGills Motion with a much larger number in opposition. Therefore the Motion failed. The next step is to have the Resolutions Committee take up the matter at their next meeting in January as they are dark in December.

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