Now you can hear the Santa Ana Council Members talk about term limits

Do you want to know EXACTLY how the Santa Ana City Council members feel about term limits? Go to George Collin’s website, Santa Ana Insight, by clicking here, and you can see and hear video footage of the Council members making promises about term limits, and talking about them at previous meetings.

The footage is astounding. Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez fights for a proposed Mayoral term limits measure. Where has that fighting spirit gone now that all she appears to be after is the chance to run again for four more years?

Even Councilman Sal Tinajero backs the idea of Mayoral term limits. At least he did then. Now he is one of the Council Members who has REMOVED Mayoral term limits from the proposed term limits ballot measure that will be voted on tomorrow night, at the City Council meeting.

Be sure to look at the video footage
. Then contact your Council Member, and the Mayor, and let them know how YOU feel about the bogus measure they are proposing, which does NOT include Mayoral term limits, and instead EXTENDS Council terms another four years.

For more information about the proposed ballot measure, click here.

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