No Campaign Contribution Limits EVER!!!

Campaign Optimizer and Smart Vote are Political
Campaign Accounting Systems
for those rich campaigns
that can afford to stop using cigar boxes and actually get
into the 21st Century. If Politicians actually cared….they
could hire a data entry intern and put every contribution
they receive and every campaign expense right there where
every “Truly Actualized American” could observe what the
various candidates were doing with the mega money they
receive in campaign contributions.

Shirley Grindle is Orange County’s self described –
“Political Watchdog!” For those unfamiliar with Ms. Grindle
she has become a part of the furniture at most Orange County
Supervisor meetings. She has become quite concerned recently
that she may be slowing down and that there may not be anyone
there to fill her shoes. Shirley supports things like “Tin
Cup” and a whole bunch of other Campaign reforms. She is
constantly at odds with Supervisor Chris Norby perhaps because
their “vibes” are a little off together. Shirley has been
spending a bunch of time over at Supervisor John Moorlach’s
office trying to put a stop to Norby’s new concept of raising
the Campaign Contribution Limit rather than restricting it!
Norby wants to double down…take the OC Limit from $1800
bucks per person per election cycle to $3600 dollars! Hey,
haven’t housing prices doubled…reasons Norby! Well, at
least that seems the message! OK, what about Term Limits
and Campaign Contribution Limits and Political Accounting
Software? Any psychic connections here? Shouldn’t some type
of electronic reporting system be required for candidates?

Politicians “once elected” come to think of Political Office
as a right of passage! “Hey, I’m popular! Hey, I have rich
and important people calling me all the time! Hey, rich
people would give me more money if it just wasn’t for those
pesky Contribution Limits which are a real inconvenience!”
So, when they get those very interesting “Independent
Expenditures” from innocuous sounding groups with strange
sounding names like: “The Unwed Illegal Immigrant Mothers
of Buena Park” or who knows what! These little groups simply
by-pass the Campaign laws with impunity and boy oh boy every
politician knows that no matter what happens…regulation
or oversight of these “bad boys” is NOT A GOOD IDEA! These
are those lovely employee unions that walk districts and
place cards on everyone’s doorstep the night before the
election..with a message like: “Firefighters, Police,
Teachers and the Employee’s Unions of the United States
are endorsing “Joe Doaks for the Orange County Board of
Supervisors”! These are those last minute flag wrapped
photos of candidates with Presidents, Governors and Mickey
Mouse! These funds are totally unaccountable and can’t
even be tracked until AFTER the election – up to 30 days!

OK, back to why we need Term Limits, Campaign Contribution
Limits, Required Campaign Contribution Accounting Software
and Required Web Expenses Reporting! The argument that those
Campaign Expenses are proprietary is totally bogus. Kenny the
Printer, Dave Ellis or the US Taxpayers Slate of Approved
Candidates are not proprietary or top secret info….that
one campaign worker that is sent to the Registrar of Voters
can’t figure out in 20 minutes. All Campaign Expenses need
to be reported. Reported we say in an expeditious time frame,
say…48 hours!

Between the “Hacker Targeted” Electronic Voting Machines we
will be using and the lack of Term Limits Regionally – and
the fact that the oversight of the California Fair Political
Practices Commission doesn’t even meet the laugh standard
for Conan O’Brien..The Double Down Contribution mentality of
NYC Mayor Bloomberg and Supervisor Chris Norby….are simply
ludicrous! Making it more convenient for our “electeds” to
get big money from their pals and special interest groups
is not one of our most requested images.

So, Shirley Grindle…you go girl! Stay away from Moorlach’s
office by the way….he and Norby are joined at the hip! You
might get better help from Janet or Bill…but hey…you
never know! At any rate….don’t say we didn’t try to help
and don’t say there will not be others willing to stand up
to local greed, hubris or stupidity! You are only the tip of
the iceberg Shirley! Bon Voyage Titanic!

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