Newspapers call for Carona’s resignation

The O.C. Register and the L.A. Times have published editorials calling on O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona to resign in the wake of the federal charges he is now facing.

The O.C. Register editorial stated that, “The key thread linking the many scandals that have dogged the sheriff for years, as well as the charges detailed by federal prosecutors, is that Mr. Carona has routinely put his personal interests above the public’s interest. It would be hard to expect him to change that pattern now and step aside for the good of the public.”

Here are additional excerpts from the Register editorial:

The indictment alleges a conspiracy in which the five defendants schemed to get Carona elected and to corruptly use the office of sheriff to enrich themselves. In addition to the conspiracy, the indictment charges Carona with witness tampering, including his attempt to convince [businessman Donald]Haidl, as recently as August, to lie to a federal grand jury

If the federal charges are correct, then Mr. Carona

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