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Nov 13, 2007

Co-founder of the former Committee for Integrity in Government Mission Viejo activist group, Brad Morton has just notified me that after a short sabbatical he has revised and expanded his Mission Viejo Dispatch blog.

Along with watchdogs Alan Pilger and myself Brad received recognition by the Orange County Register in their “Faces of Freedom” editorial series entitled “Vigilant in Mission Viejo.”

Some of the initials MV Dispatch stories include: “Aethists pray to city for holiday display,” a reference relating to a request by Aethists United who would like to add a display to our annual “Holiday Display” in Mission Viejo. Other stories include senior citizen residents of Casta Del Sol reaction to a possible conversion of their public golf course for housing and a future city park. Brad told me that he has also covered the issue of speed limit changes.

The Mission Viejo Dispatch includes a simple feature where you can send an email to the city council members collectively or individually, city staff and city commissioners. Nice touch. We do not have that feature here at the Orange Juice. We might just copy that idea.
Mission Viejo Dispatch

The most complete news for America’s premier planned community

About the Dispatch

Nov 6th, 2007 by missionviejo

These dispatches will hopefully be valuable to Mission Viejo homeowners and other residents who share an interest and concern about our wonderful city. Newspapers, television and radio no longer devote adequate resources for competent coverage of local issues. The traditional news media has abandoned its role for basic investigative reporting about city matters.

Most readers can immediately receive future Dispatch stories in their Inbox by clicking on the orange “Posts” icon. This will create a free subscription so you can become a first-informed source of city news and information for friends and neighbors.

Poor judgments at city hall, often influenced by special interests, are cited for leading to increased housing density, a gradual decline in the beauty and character of many neighborhoods, a degrading of the city’s aesthetic standards for commercial signage, a lack of city influence and leadership in regional matters, poor negotiations, and a lack of protection for open government. Citizens want timely information to analyze and react to potential actions by local officials.

Brad Morton
Morton Law Office
949-586-1630 (voicemail) | mvintegrity@hotmail.com


After Nov 14th www.missionviejodispatch.com

LG Comments:

Any time you add a news source that is not controlled by your city the public gets to see and hear “the rest of the story.”

We can’t blame every beat reporter at the local level for failing to challenge our city staff and elected officials when their work doesn’t peel the onion back to the core such as the actual costs of our community center expansion.

Another illustration. i.e. Let’s for the moment pretend I’m Barry Bonds and you wrote a story with allegations of my steroid use. A week later I hit a record home run and your editor tells you to get a story and quote from me. You have just beat me up and now expect me to cooperate with you? What are you smoking?
That’s the difference between those beat reporters who want access and the price they sometimes have to pay to gain access. As bloggers, we do not have that problem. Blog readers should appreciate that what you get from our stories is not subject to any “special interest” or elected official spin cycle.

Note: When I write about property rights I make sure that my voluntary involvement in that fight is well documented.

Please check out this new blog where you can add your comments.

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