Is the SunCal project in Anaheim dead?

This has not been a great month for Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, editor of Red-faced County/OC Blog. First the Urell Amigos website he set up blew up in his face when legal documents were posted on it, outing the names of molestation victims.

Then the firestorm blew through Orange County, and we found out that Matt and many of his GOP associates worked overtime to defeat Measure D, which would have provided much-needed funding to the O.C. Fire Authority, which may well have saved the homes that were burned.

Then O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona was indicted
, which had to be embarrassing for Matt as he has supported Carona throughout his checkered career. In fact, Matt has yet to apologize to his readers for supporting Carona.

And now it turns out that Matt’s employer, SunCal Cos., screwed up and lost out on the chance to develop a parcel near Disneyland into homes. “The Frank Family Partnership extended the close of escrow eight times, but SunCal did not pay a $500,000 deposit that would have extended it one last time for three more months, said Ed Connor, an attorney for the partnership,” according to the L.A. Times.

The Times also reported that “The Frank Family Partnership has begun negotiating with others, but Connor said Disney was not one of them. Anaheim City Councilman Harry Sidhu said the potential buyers want to build a hotel rather than housing, an idea he supports. “It’s not going to end neatly. There’s going to be more fireworks,” he said. “This was a painful experience for everybody.”

The O.C. Register, by the way, is reporting that the Disney company spent $1.7 million opposing the SunCal project. It looks like Matt has made a HUGE enemy.

So the deal is dead. Maybe now SunCal will put Matt to work on the Village Green project in Santa Ana. This is a project that will displace poor people from their apartments, without providing ANY affordable housing. Nice. Ironically, the project is being opposed by the “Usual Suspects” in Santa Ana, which will pit Matt and SunCal up against the few Republicans left in Santa Ana.

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