Iraq war collateral damage? Sec of Defense Rumsfeld resigned one year ago today

Wow. It’s hard to believe but exactly one year ago today President Bush announced his acceptance of the resignation of his domineering Sec of Defense, Don Rumsfeld.

In the Secretary’s farewell ceremony Vice President Dick Cheney called the Secretary “the finest secretary of defense this nation has ever had.”

Reflecting back in time through my rear view mirror and reading the current beltway reports, where members of Congress are attempting to impeach the vice president, shows the great divide in our country as to how we are to prosecute the GWOT.

In the case of Secretary Rumsfeld with the American public and the military it was a love hate relationship. It was reported that he argued with Generals and members of the public as to troop levels, compliance to the Geneva Convention in a non conventional war and fighting with inferior military equipment.

While researching data for this post I found the following comment where it states “the Secretary had accused critics of the Bush administration’s Iraq and counter-terrorism policies of ‘trying to appease a new type of fascism’ and claimed that the administration’s critics have ‘moral and intellectual confusion’ about what threatens the nation’s security and accused them of lacking the courage to fight back.”

You can forget about traditional strategy and tactics when dealing with terrorists. Simply look at the nation of Israel who has endured years of terrorist activities.

Fast forward to next weekend. Former Secretary Rumsfeld will receive the 2007 Statesmanship Award at the Claremont Institute’s 20th Annual Dinner in Honor of Sir Winston S. Churchill on November 17th. This event will be held in Newport Beach.

Juice readers:

What’s your viewpoint on the style and effectiveness of former Secretary Rumsfeld?

Was it the responsibility of the Secretary of Defense to create and implement an exit strategy?

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