Input from Middle east Arab factions on the high stakes peace effort

“Middle East News” on the current Annapolis conference. In reading the following article as a backdrop some optimists have got to be joking that there will be a Middle East peace agreement that will be in effect within nine months as some have been promoting. You have too many weak leaders in the mix. Further, has Israeli PM Ehud Ohlmert been empowered, on his own, to make any committment on behalf of the Knesset as to any binding agreement with the PA and Syria? Read the following news article and add your thoughts once this is posted.

Occupied Jerusalem, Palestine — Hamas: “no one has the authority to negotiate any foot of a Palestinian land, except legitimately elected Palestinians. And we have not authorized any entity, whether Arab or American to do the negotiation with the Israeli enemy.”

The elected Prime Minister Ismail Hania asked the Arab leaders who planned to attend the Annapolis peace summit not to give the enemy of the Arab and Muslim nations (Israel) free pass toward normalization with the Arab world.

In a speech to thousands of Palestinians in Khan Yunis, Hamas’s Representative Khalil Alheya told the fiery crowd that Palestine God willing will be liberated. And that all the conferences and summits on earth (in reference to the planned Annapolis Summit) will not normalize our relationship with Israel. Because Israel is (an aggressor, rapist, and we will never recognize it, even if we will be crucified.”

Mahmoud Abbas and other Arab leaders at the request of the Bush Administration are planning to attend the summit. Arab resistance movements and the masses are against the summit, and they see it as an attempt by the Bush administration to save face and they predict its failure because of the insincerity of it Host, and it is meant to help the incompetent Israeli prime minister Ohud Olmert.

The Annapolis summit is scheduled for the 27th of of this month, several regional nations showed interest in attending among them few Arab nations.

Israel hoping this summit will enhance its image and help normalize its relationship with Saudi Arabia and other nations in the region.

Palestinian groups are waging a war of independence against Israeli occupation forces.

Israel, since its occupation of Palestine in 1948, committed daily crimes against the Palestinians, settlements were established illegally depriving the Palestinians from their homes and lands. Palestinian groups are waging a war of Independence from European Zionists who occupied Palestine since 1948.

Gilbert note: In order to get the pulse of this summit gathering you must read what activists of both camps are saying in the Middle East media. My sense is that opposition to any peace agreement, from both camps, is stronger than the leaders who are in MD today. Signing a document is not the same as having the ability to enforce it. There are too many who simply will not yield on this property rights fight that predates all of those who may read this post. And to think the Kelo case made headlines.

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