How would you rank the Santa Ana Council Members?

Rankings are used to describe everything that has a following. From sports teams to movies, to songs, we love to put things in order, from favorite to despised. So why not rank the members of the Santa Ana City Council?

Here are my rankings – I put them in order from most effective and popular, to least effective and popular. Let us know how YOU would rank them!

  1. Michele Martinez – I just received her latest newsletter. She really is unbelievable! She stands far above her peers in terms of community projects and other efforts to keep people informed and engaged in making Santa Ana a better place for all of us. And Michele is leading the “No on Measure D” effort. You go Michele!
  2. Miguel Pulido – Surprised? I don’t like the guy, but you should not underestimate him. He has been in power for 21 years. In that time he has figured out how to destroy his enemies and compromise his colleagues. He could have been a great Mayor. But while he won’t leave much of a legacy, he will continue to dominate until someone takes him down.
  3. Vince Sarmiento – He is a Pulido puppet, but he is also politically astute. He is ambitious yet reserved. He is most likely to succeed Pulido, if and when his master leaves center stage. But will he win his first election next year? One opponent has already emerged, and more are sure to follow…
  4. David Benavides – He started out so well, before he became a Pulido puppet. But he still tries to get out to see his constituents, as does Sarmiento. He could still pan out as a Councilman, if he ever finds the courage to break from King Pulido. Until then he will continue to be the cowardly lion in this bunch.
  5. Claudia Alvarez – Her time is coming to an end. The voters are seeing Measure D for what it is – the “Keep Claudia in Office” measure. And they aren’t buying that! Most likely we are witnessing the end of a screechy career.
  6. Sal Tinajero – He beat a Pulido puppet – and then became one himself. God help us! Even worse, he allied with Claudia. Gross! If there is one thing you can say about this guy, it is that “Sal is for Sal.”
  7. Carlos Bustamante – Someone had to be last! Why not the “Space Commander?” No one toots his own horn like Carlos does, but he is such a joke! Every time he opens his mouth, another Orange Juice story writes itself. It is likely that Carlos will be a one term wonder, or blunder…

There you go! Be sure to let us know how you would rank this sorry bunch!

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