Flash jumps on the Titanic

A friend called my attention to a fact I missed in a recent L.A. Times article. Jon “Flash” Fleischman, the longtime friend and former employee of O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona, is now serving as his “Public relations adviser.”

The Times reported
that “Public relations adviser Jon Fleischman tried to steer the interview more to Carona’s liking. Why not ask him if he intends to resign? Fleischman suggested.”

Unbelievable. This means that the editors of the two O.C. GOP blogs are both continuing to hack away for Carona. Fleischman is the editor of the “Flash Report,” which collects right-leaning news from throughout the state of California. It is based in O.C., and it features many of Fleischman’s friends from the OC GOP machine.

The other blog I am referring to is the Red-faced County/OC Blog, where one of Fleischman’s bloggers, Matt “Jubal” Cunningham is the editor.

So we won’t be getting honest coverage about the Carona fiasco from either the Flash Report or Red-faced County/OC Blog.

Why would Fleischman jump aboard Team Carona just as federal indictments are being tossed around? This is akin to jumping on the Titanic even as it takes on water. Nice going “Flash.”

By the way, I am told that Carona’s longtime campaign treasurer is no less than “Flash’s” ex-wife. Now that’s what I call GOP family values!

Orange County DOES need a GOP-leaning blog, but clearly we cannot place any trust in “Flash” or “Jubal.” Maybe the county’s GOP activists need to start their own blog? I would love to see folks like Mark Bucher and Jim Lacy start up a Republican OC Blog that would not answer to the crooked cabal that “Flash” and “Jubal” are a part of.

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