Costa Mesa ICE program netting mostly misdemeanors

The O.C. Register reported today that 65 % of the arrests made under the auspices of the City of Costa Mesa’s immigration checking program “involve misdemeanors, most often DUI or vehicle code violations.” “And in an handful of cases, people have been arrested for infractions, such as failing to observe a stop sign or jaywalking.”

As for the rest of the people detained, “possession of a controlled substance are by far the most common serious offense.”

Also, only sixty-six percent of those arrested are Costa Mesa residents, “about 12 percent are from Santa Ana and the rest are from miscellaneous towns.” I am sure that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido will be happy to hear that! He has proven to be no friend to the immigrants in his city.

I wonder how much the City of Costa Mesa is spending to detain people who have committed misdemeanors and have been found with a joint or two?

“The report will be issued formally during a City Council study session at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in Conference Room 1A of City Hall, 77 Fair Drive.” I hope Latino activist Benito Acosta and his friends show up! The City of Costa Mesa has also wasted thousands of dollars trying to jail Acosta for speaking against this very measure at a previous City Council meeting.

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