When will OC GOP ask Rosie & Robbie to resign?

The L.A. Times, O.C. edition, is reporting that the Republican Party of Orange County has asked four Trustees at the Capistrano Unified School District to resign. “The request, aimed at longtime trustees Marlene M. Draper, Sheila J. Benecke, Duane E. Stiff and Mike Darnold, comes after a report unsealed by the Orange County district attorney’s office last week indicated that the four, plus three former trustees, had routinely violated the state’s open-meeting law.”

Well, I applaud this move…but when will the OC GOP ask Santa Ana Unified School District Trustees Rob Richardson and Rosie Avila, who are Republicans, to resign? Together, they have presided over more than $6 million in losses this year due to district corruption, fraud and ineptitude.

Nothing would do more to advance the OC GOP in Santa Ana than to call for the immediate resignation of Richardson and Avila. Don’t bet on that happening though…not with their ally Tim Whitacre still ensconced on the OC GOP Central Committee.

So most likely Rosie and Robbie will keep making their party look bad in Santa Ana. You have to wonder why Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, a Democrat, continues to support both Rosie AND Robbie!

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