The latest Teflon presidential candidate. Hillary R. Clinton. Watch this 14 minute video

As Juice readers may recall back on August 29th I posted a story whose headline reads” Is anyone Responsible for Monitoring Hillary’s Campaign donors?”
At the time I reported on fugitive Norman Hsu who bundled hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions on her behalf. Shortly thereafter mainstream media added extensive coverage on her questionable contributions.

Fast forward to a 14 minute video that I watched today in which history has a way of repeating. In the video, which you can view and listen to at the following URL, there are allegations of election felony charges relating to Hillary’s prior campaign fundraising. Do we see a pattern here? The video featuring Hillary and Peter Paul of Hollywood fame is entitled “Hillary Uncensored.” After watching it please feel free to comment on the latest Teflon candidate who has a much different philosophy than former Democratic president Harry S Truman. President Truman coined the phrase, “the buck stops here,” where “even though an underling might screw up, they (the person in charge) will either fix it, or accept the consequences personally.” Well articulated Mr. President.

Does Hillary live by the philosophy and ultimate responsibility as expressed by this former Democratic president?

Gee I had no idea where all that money came from, nor do I care to question the source. In fact I will cash the checks and run for the hills leaving you on the hook.

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