Tennis Shoes over the telephone lines!

Several months ago….we were traveling to the County offices
in Santa Ana and as we stopped by the Bush Street Post Office
we had passed about six power poles with several sets of tennis
shoes over the lines. We later found out that these were “sign”
of either drug activity or gang members intimidating non gang
members in the various neighborhoods.

We wrote a letter to Mayor Pulido and were surprised and rather
honored that he had responded to our concerns. He was even kind
enough to pass our concerned communication off to others in his
City government. A few months later we returned to the same
neighborhoods and found that the tennis shoe problem had been
abated and we could only find one set of tennis shoes in evidence.
This brought to our attention how personal conduct does very much
influence both property values and the safety of our neighborhoods.

Here in Newport Beach we have been stumping for “Underground
Utilities” since 1994. We brought it to the attention of the many
NB Gatekeepers since back in 1986! Along the way, a few developer
generated Council Members pushed the issue and got several areas
of Newport Beach into what they call Improvement Districts…which
set up the methodology to collect the money from the various home
owners that wanted to improve their property and get So. Cal Edison
to dig up the ground and replace infrastructure and get those ugly
telephone poles and power lines – under ground where they belong.
We are guessing that property values increase by approximately
$30 to $60 thousand dollars based on the surrounding comps!

So, why is it so difficult to “Underground Utilities” in older
neighborhoods? If any community needs “Underground Utilities”
in Orange County it is Santa Ana! Let’s face it…the Rental
Prices are still astronomical, whether you live in Santa Ana,
Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach or Newport Beach! Everyone is so
desperately afraid to improve their property because the County
Assessor may be standing their as they finish adding on that
new hot tub or add a garage door. As they say in the trade..
they are stepping on ants while the elephants are getting away.
Raising property values should be a mandate by any City
Government that wants to leave their neighborhoods better off
than they found them. No more tennis shoes over power or
telephone lines please!

So. Cal Edison offers a yearly fund for each community that
offers a free underground grant program. The problem has been
that most cities do not target or prioritize where this effort
should be targeted. By seeking sub set communities that do
want to create Improvement Districts to Underground they can
add the So. Cal Edison grant money to the mix. So. Cal Edison
is in no hurry to use that dedicated Grant Money, so they do
not get upset if city officials are lazy and don’t catch on to
the program.

We believe that law abiding residential areas of any city can
truly benefit from “Underground Utilities”. In fact, all “iffy”
crime associated areas can benefit greatly. Planned Communities
such as Irvine, Lake Forest and Mission Viejo…have all been
beneficiaries of the Irvine Company and their built-in “Underground
Utilities” and power stations!

We encourage our fellow bloggers here on the OC Juice to ply their
various abilities toward directing Mayor Pulido and the Santa Ana
bureaucracy Staff Members….to target this important issue and
design that five-year plan to greatly improve neighborhoods that
can benefit both in property values and reduction in crime stats!

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