Start a 9/11 Truther Squad in your Town!

Following conspiracies has been a native desire by almost
every American since the days of the Lincoln Assassination.
There were probably others that pre-date Lincoln…but the
Lincoln deal seems to have stood the test of time. The
rhetorical Q & A that follows soon becomes grist for the
History Channel or dialogue verging on mental masturbation.
The death of Jesse James serves as a recent example. But
first let’s put the Lincoln deal to rest. Andrew Johnson,
the Democratic Vice President took over for Lincoln after
his assassination. Lincoln was killed by a cabal of rich
burned out Southerners and 10 standing United States Senators
and a few retired Generals. OK….believe it or don’t!

The second big conspiracy is the Pearl Harbor bombing..which
many believe was set up and allowed to happen by Franklin D.
Roosevelt…the President of the United States. The idea is
that Roosevelt needed an event to get us into World War II
and being that public opinion was running 65% against going
to war with Germany or Japan….he created an event. Also,
the rumor was that Henry Ford and Charles Lindberg were on
the German’s side. Additionally, that American Banks backed
the Germans during the war. Believe it or don’t!

(Our apologies to the Remember the Maine..yellow journalism
and the New York Times for our war with Spain. The 1898
Spanish-American War and the War for Phillipines for not
mentioning all the interesting issues in detail!)

The third big one was the JFK Assassination. Hey, one lonely
disgruntled Marine can’t take out the President of States can
he? Oliver Stone made the movie, the Grassy Knoll became the
legend and the fact the LBJ set up the whole thing so he could
take over the Government and involve us deeper in the Vietnam
war. Billy Sol Estes profited by building every road and new
highway in Vietnam. Lady Bird owned every radio station in
the United States. Our oil companies made record profits for
over 12 years during three administrations.
Believe it or don’t!

Now comes the “9/11 Truth Squaders”. These people are hard
believers of the fact that President Bush orchestrated the fall
of the twin towers and building #7. They believe, we suppose
that only two airplanes actually hit anything. Those everyone
saw on TV….so, they have a tough time explaining away those
hits. However, they believe that no plane hit the Pentagon
….it was a Thermite tipped Missile, they say. They also
believe Flight #93 didn’t land in an open field in Pennsylvania
and we suppose that the people and both planes are now probably
parked at a secure desert park in Abu Dabi! They believe that
both twin-towers were brought down by controlled explosive
devices much as any old Las Vegas Hotel. Recently, Noam Chomsky
was skewed ravenously and unceremoniously by his own left on
Alternet. Chomsky’s critics were extremely upset that Noam had
the temerity to say and believe that the Bush Administration
was probably not responsible in any way for 9/11. Chomsky
believes the entire United States Empire has the responsibility
for the events that led to 9/11 over a longer period of American
intervention in foreign affairs of state! Believe it or don’t!

So, to Rosie O’Donnell, Oliver Stone, Sean Penn and the whole
wonderful group of 9/11 Truther’s…..keep digging up the facts
people. We will never stop appreciating your efforts at fine
Investigative Reporting! The Center for Public Integrity gives
an annual award for the best International Story of the year!
Good luck to all that wish to participate! Hey, Al Gore won
the Nobel Peace Prize….anything is possible!

Believe it or don’t!

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