So Cal Firestorm, Day Eight Update: What about the pets?

The Mad Macedonian blog has put up a fantastic post for those of you who are animal lovers, and who have been affected by the So Cal Firestorm. You can read the entire post here. Here is an excerpt:

As is well known we cats have 9 lives, but as I watched and read the news this week I shuddered to think of all those cats who may have lost a few, or all of them, to the horror of fire.

Animal Companions and livestock, from Birds to Rabbits and beyond have been affected by this tragedy, and efforts are under way to provide disaster relief:

1. The Ca. Vet Medical Ass.:

With the ferocious wildfires in Southern California and San Diego County, the CVMA wants to assure you that the CVMA Veterinary Disaster Response program is in effect. California veterinary professionals are responding to the wildfires in Southern California and San Diego County and many have contacted the CVMA. Do you need help? Supplies?Staff? Can you offer help? Is your practice taking animals?

Contact the California Vet Medical Ass.

2. Catnip and Carrots is a wonderful website I just learned about while getting in Daddy’s way while he read the paper this morning during breakfast. ;-D

If your pets are evacuated due to the devastating wildfires, we are here to help you.


Please contact us immediately for assistance.


And here are a few links to the latest stories about the Firestorm:

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