Should politicians be raising money during the firestorm?

Matt “Jubal” Cunningham wrote a post this week about O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s upcoming fundraiser, which will be held on Nov. 15. Matt later wrote a post that extolled the virtues of former OC GOP Chairman Tom Fuentes, who is holding a fundraiser on Nov. 1.

I inadvertently assumed that Matt’s earlier post was a slam on Nguyen, but upon further review, he hinted at the firestorm without clearly damning Nugyen for announcing a fundraiser during this ongoing tragedy.

Here is an excerpt, “Can you feel it? That smell in the air? I don’t mean the burning odor of smoke and ashes, but the aroma of the impending 1st Supervisor District campaign — although that looks like it will also give off the burning odor of smoke and ashes.”

And as one might expect, Matt’s readers piled on Nguyen. Here are a few examples:

  • Yes, I would love to write Janet a check, after I buy basic clothing for my children who are now homeless because of the fire. (Anon writer who obviously did not lose her computer).
  • Again, how stupid can Janet be, sending out fundraiser invitations when OC is burning? She should be working on coordinating county resources to put out the fire. (Anon Trannie named Totem)
  • This anouncement is in pretty bad taste if you ask me. To go about touting a re-election campaign fundraiser at a time when the county is in a state of emergency really shows where janets priorities are. (Another Anon Trannie)
  • I’d have to agree. The timing of this release was really poor. The perception here is that Janet is thinking of herself at a moment when she should be thinking about others. (Green Machine…who forgot that Jubal and his buddy John Hanna recently forgot about the victims while rushing to the aid of the enabler of the crimes visited upon them, John Urell)
  • Janet is always and will only think of herself before anyone else. This is not perception, it is the harsh reality. (Trannie named Observer)
  • BIG difference….none of those listed put out a press release TODAY, while the state is burning! Those event were already scheduled….the timing of the press release is the issue at hand – not the event. (The Queen of the Trannies, Flowerszzz, in response to a comment about Van Tran’s fundraiser a couple days ago.)
  • She lost to Trung in the Vietnamese community and she will lose again. Numbers don’t fib. (Anon)

Matt did not answer any of these comments. But he did put up the Fuentes post later in the week. Needless to say, the above anon posters and Trannies gave Fuentes a free pass!

But is it fair for these anon posters to rip Nguyen for the timing of her fundraiser when the Fuentes fundraiser is just around the corner? Of course not! It’s just another day at the office for the hypocritical Reeps at the official OC GOP machine blog.

Incidentally, Matt’s fellow GOP consultant, Jon Fleischman, wrote a post slamming all politicians who are holding fundraisers while so many Californians are suffering. This is one of those rare occasions in which I find myself agreeing with Jon. This really is not the time for politicians to be holding fundraisers, period.

In related news, Gustavo Arellano ripped Supervisor Nguyen yesterday over at the OC Weekly Navel Gazing Blog. Apparently she purchased some signs on the 22 Freeway. Here is an excerpt form Arellano’s post: “If you drive on the 22 West before the Harbor Boulevard exit, you’ll notice one of the many Adopt-A-Highway signs that dot the state’s freeways. This one is different–it states “Janet Nguyen,” “Orange County,” and bears what looks like the county seal. There is no mention of her political seat–just the name in big, black, visible letters.”

I really can’t rip Supervisor Nguyen for taking advantage of the signs in question. But I agree with Arellano that it is somewhat unseemly. Perhaps politicians and candidates should be barred from buying these signs? Maybe we ought to do away with the signs altogether?


I just received an announcement from Anaheim Council Member Lorri Galloway – who is holding a fundraiser tonight. Here is an excerpt from the press release: “Due to the devastation that this week

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