Santa Ana’s Scariest People!

The OC Weekly just published their latest “OC’s Scariest People,” which is always a fun read. But they missed a whole bunch of scary people in Santa Ana, so here is my list of “Santa Ana’s Scariest People:”

  1. Mayor Miguel Pulido: 21 years in local elected office and Santa Ana is as big a mess as ever. And what is next on Pulido’s agenda? A term limits measure that will give him up to sixteen MORE years in office and a streetcar system that will cost $15 million per mile – in an area where the cops couldn’t even stop two thieves from prying historical plaques off the downtown buildings. Your doing a great job Miguelito! Not.
  2. Santa Ana Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante: This nut actually told us at a recent Council meeting that he is “in charge of business development.” Actually, he is in charge of taking checks from developers and then bowing to their will. The only Republican on the Santa Ana City Council, the “Space Commander” asked his master, Pulido, to take a resolution in favor of the Dream Act off the agenda. Minutes later, Pulido’s other puppet, David Benavides, did exactly that. No wonder they took the “Education 1st” logo off the old water tower!
  3. Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia “Clownia” Alvarez: She told us at the meeting referenced above that she is in charge of “fighting crime.” Oh really? Well, you’re doing a great job Clownia! We have already had almost as many shooting deaths as Santa Ana did all of last year – gang violence and graffiti are out of control. One of our Council members was even robbed while walking to the Renaissance meeting in downtown this week! Good grief! Maybe Clownia needs to have another one of her classic meltdowns!
  4. Santa Ana School Board Member Rosie Avila: Speaking of meltdowns, Avila recently wrote a Mexican-hating letter that was published in the O.C. Register. Rosie – you are not supposed to hate your constituents you ding dong! Thank God she is up for reelection next year…time to say adios to this crazed Republican!
  5. Santa Ana School Board Member Rob Richardson: He was supposed to save the Santa Ana Unified School District from Nativo…but Lopez has been gone for years and things are worse than ever. Rob has been Master and Commander of a school district that has bumbled away over $6 million this year due to fraud, corruption and outright stupidity. You’re doing a great job Robby – of being a scary creep!
  6. Santa Ana Public Library Board Member and Minuteman Lupe Moreno: Rosie’s sidekick blames everything on Mexicans…but Mayor Pulido keeps appointing her to the Library Board. Lupe is yet another of Santa Ana’s “pendejos united” Republicans.Santa Ana Councilman David Benavides: This poor guy started out straight, but years later he is nothing more than a Pulido hack. It’s too late to save him, but at least we can take him out in four years.
  7. Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Mike Metzler: This guy has been in office as long as Mayor Pulido! Exactly what does he do for local businesses? He never met a tax he didn’t like. He ignores Latinos in Santa Ana. Except when he is trying to sell their bosses an English literacy program that the workers can get for free at most community colleges. And he didn’t even complain when the Santa Ana City Council raised our water rates so high that we now pay more for water than the rich folks in Irvine. It is way past time to say adios to Mikey!
  8. Santa Ana loudmouth Debbie McEwen: A Mexican-hater through and through. She thinks she is a player because Mayor Pulido and his puppets jump through hoops for her…but she couldn’t stop Pulido’s pet project, One Broadway Plaza. And be sure to watch out for her dog…a maniacal beast that fits her to a “T.”
  9. Debbie’s buddy, Tim Rush: This guy is a piece of work! He brags about calling code enforcement thousands of times…but his biggest complaint is that the city is full of Mexicans! Where exactly do you think you live Mr. Rush? Maybe Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream can rent you a room at his mansion in Coto de Caza? The only Mexicans there are the gardeners and housekeepers…
  10. Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream: he looks like he is on life support, but he simply won’t quit…like the proverbial zombies, he staggers through City Hall making one bad move after another. And Pulido and his puppets keep extending his contract! He might still be running the city from the grave in a few years…
  11. Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Vicky Betancourt: What’s wrong with accepting a plane ride from a developer in order to check out his condos in Hawaii? EVERYTHING! Why is she still on the Planning Commission?
  12. And last but not least…David Benavides’ “advisor,” Stanley Fiala, an utter failure as a mayoral candidate. (That’s him, with David Benavides, in the picture atop this post). This nut called Santa Ana Police Chief Paul Walters this week to complain that an anonymous commenter joked on our blog about whacking Fiala the way an unfortunate Russian spy was put down in England. And to our shock, Walters actually had a detective WASTE his time calling us to ask about this comment. No wonder our cops don’t have time to stop thieves and taggers in Santa Ana! They are too busy trying to mollify the freak that is convicted wife-beater Stanley Fiala! Well, this time we are done with Stanley. We are going to delete EVERY post he tries to put up here. If you want to hear from Stanley, you will either have to chase him down at the Santa Ana City Council meetings (he is the one who dresses like the cops on Miami Vice), or find his blog. No, we won’t be posting a link to it…you will have to stumbl
    e across it on your own. Be forewarned, Stanley’s blog is a sad, pathetic waste of time. Just like Stanley…

I am sure I missed a few of Santa Ana’s scary people…so feel free to add your two cents!

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