Santa Ana City Council hides from the public eye, again

Several OJ bloggers were at last night’s Santa Ana City Council meeting – which was not held at Council Chambers. Instead it was held in a conference room. Now why would the City Council move the meeting from its spacious Chambers to a comparably tiny conference room? And why would they NOT film the meeting and make it available to us on television and online?

It just makes it look like they are trying to hide something…which is exactly what they are up to.

This is what they USED to do when they held every other meeting at the police station community room. But now they have resorted to holding every other meeting in a conference room at City Hall, as they try to hide their discussions and actions from the public.

I spoke to Thomas Gordon after the meeting. He has promised to put up a full report, but in the interim, here are a few “lowlights” from the meeting:

  • A fellow who the Council kept saying works for the OCTA showed up to talk about the streetcar an Renaissance Plan proposals, and other transportation issues. He gave Thomas his business card after the meeting, and lo and behold it said “Cordoba Corp.” on it. And who owns Cordoba Corp.? None other than millionaire George Pla, the major funder of the Santa Ana Business Bank. I have been warning our readers that this bank would end up having major conflicts of interest because its board is packed with local elected and appointed officials, including Councilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante. And its investors include Councilman Vince Sarmiento. Well, here we have a prime example of what I was talking about!
  • George Collins showed up and filmed the meeting, which he is going to put on a Time Warner public access channel. He will also have it up on his website soon. I believe the audio is already available. I was told by a parajito that the city will NOT be televising ANY more meetings, as they don’t have the money to do that! Unbelievable! Yet they are looking to blow $15 million PER MILE for the streetcars? And they still give the Bowers Museum $2 million a year? when are these people going to learn?!?
  • The small room the Council met in had very few chairs in it for the public…and they packed those chairs with city administrators. What a joke! This Council and the City Manager, Dave Ream, clearly are sending a message to the public – leave us alone to plot ways to blow your tax money when you are not looking.
  • There was discussion about a move to give away a plot of land that is part of the Pacific Electric right of way to a developer, who I am told is Martin Investment Company, consisting of H. Rhoads Martin, J.B. Crowell, James Whitaker and Jacob, Craine and Schantz, a Dental Corporation. Incidentally, they are represented legally by Mark Rosen of the Garden Grove City Council.

There will be more reports about this meeting later from Thomas Gordon and probably from Sean Mill. If there is one lesson to take away from this meeting, it is that the Ream/Pulido cabal does not want the people of Santa Ana to know what they are up to. For some reason they think they can still get away with their old tricks, even though we are here to put the kibosh on them time and time again. They don’t know any other way, apparently, and keep going back to their same old bag of tricks. Now more than ever it is clear that we need to clear out the deadwood at City Hall and on the City Council if we are EVER to have any positive change in our city.

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